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Zenduty is a novel collaborative incident management platform providing end-to-end incident alerting, on-call management and response orchestration, giving teams greater control and automation over the incident management lifecycle. Zenduty is ideal for always-on services, helping teams orchestrate incident response for creating better user experiences and brand value, centralising all incoming alerts through predefined notification rules to ensure that the right people are notified at the right time.


The deal

$3000 in Zenduty credits for a year.


Target group

Startups to large enterprises that value uptime and reliability.



Credits. Minimise downtime. Technical Support. Community of Incident Managers and DevOps experts.



Modern collaborative incident management, alerting and response orchestration platform.

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$3000 in Zenduty credits for a year to ensure your services are pristinely reliable. Developer support and a dedicated community of Engineers and Site Reliability professionals.. Visit Zenduty.

Target groups

Startups to large enterprises that value uptime and reliability.

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