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What our founders are saying

Learn how DueDash has helped founders from scaling or even pivoting their business to supporting on fundraising.


Mattia Nuti

Founder of Vortex Biotech
It was a great achievement for us to find an investor in one month. On the platform, you have anything you need to go to investors.

Carina Cunha

Founder of Nosy & Satori
The expertise that you brought made me way more prepared in terms of a thorough process. It has been quite comprehensive.

Michael Halley

Founder of SlimCloud
We are definitely at a much better level now. It was very valuable. Especially in ideas and guidance, getting ready for the next step, the investor hunt.

Adam Place

Founder of NUSIC
It was a bit of a wake-up call for the whole team. I believe there is the potential for NUSIC to be a unicorn. But potentially not until we met you guys!
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From early-stage startups to scaleups

Whether you are just starting out or raising your late Series X round, this platform is for you!



Receive guidance, prepare your startup for future fundraising and connect with investors.


Growth stage

Find new investors and keep your existing investors up-to-date on your startup development.



Prepare your business for an exit by managing all your investors and data securely in one place.

Book your founder demo for quick onboarding

Learn how to extract the greatest value for your fundraising and focus on what matters most.

Startup profile

Create your profile

Onboard easily

Create your startup profile in just 2 minutes and keep filling your relevant data.

Receive guidance

Our digital assistant Tess is guiding you through the entire fundraising journey on the platform.

Visualize data

Find all your data visualized in 5 dashboards and keep your documents structured.

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Find investors

Filter your search

Use filters to find relevant investors that can invest into your business.

Connect with investors

Learn how they invest and personalize your outreach with a message.

Engage seamlessly

Shortlist investors and share your profile, data room and constant updates.

Data room

Share your data

Fill data room

No more guessing. Know which documents matter with our structured 4-level data room.

Control access

Keep full control over your data by defining investor accesses on a 1-on-1 level.

Update documents

Set reminders to regularly update your documents with the most recent data.

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Manage relationships

Provide updates

Easily create your monthly reports and share them with targeted investors.

Send messages

Keep investors engaged and build a relationship by sharing relevant information.

Manage pipeline

Collaborate with your team to manage your investors and move them through your pipeline.

Get custom fundraising support with our Active deal flow

We analyze your startup, create quality reports, make it visible to our global investor network and coordinate meetings with highly-targeted investors.

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