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QFIL Solutions is an award-winning AI driven fintech startup creating cutting-edge financial solutions that enables their clients to make more successful investment choices.

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The overlooked millennials and Gen-Z

Millennials – the economy’s to be richest generation in human history account for more than 60% of online traders, while representing 44% of Forex traders worldwide. A digital native generation that aspires for fast wealth, without a cap of how much money can be earned. Yet only 40% feel knowledgeable about investing and 95% of their trades are failing, with the mass majority seeking guidance and easy novel ways of trading. So, inspired by the millennial generation, they have embarked on the journey to solve their challenges. QFIL wants millennials and Gen-Z traders to win, learn and have more access to transparent and easy trading apps, so they can minimize their risks and maximize their returns.

After successful pre-seed they are now raising the next round

They have raised 1M USD till date.

The deal terms

They are raising 5M USD are raising with equity.

QFIl Magus AI

Funding signals!

A team that is fully dedicated an hungry to win , with the right skills and needed background

As a solutions creator, they combine a team of innovators, financial and go-to-market experts in offering their carefully researched and authorised series of technology products designed to give investors an edge in competitive markets.

Optimal timing

Healthy CAGR 22-28 of online trading, Trust in AI on the rise and identified as key driver for trading platform adoption , one product MAGUS AI already out , second product SEQUENCE TRADING in Beta testing , other products awaiting second round funding

Global even before mass rollout

4500 trial users in 20 countries – traders involved with Forex, Stocks, Market Signals, and Robotics. Now they are just awaiting funding for the mass rollout. 

6+ years of Machine Learning

The firm is fully focused on pioneering disruptive AI & ML driven solutions , app & web based – Two solutions are completer, other solutions are awaiting second round funding

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QFIl Sequence Trading
QFIl Sequence Trading
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