What is the customer buying post-lockdown?

With over 400 salons and spas listed on Vaasara, we work with B2B owners and managers on a daily basis. While we have noticed an up-swing trend in bookings week-on-week since the restrictions lifted, there is a big shift in customer preferences

  1. The first thing that the customer is buying now, is “Trust”. The customer wants to be reassured repeatedly that the establishment is taking full precautions to safeguard their safety and their customers. Just posting once on the social media is not enough. They want to see the actual videos of sanitization process and safety certificates from accredited authorities. During the lockdown, we started the #MySalonIsSafe/ #MySpaIsSafe campaign. Initially, we sent daily reminders to owners to use the hashtag on their social media. With time, we noticed more and more using it willingly, on a daily basis. This is driven with the need to inform their customer regularly.
  2. Customer has become price sensitive and is always looking for a bargain. While, large number of bookings are driven by offers currently, we are also noticing that the salons/ spas that are working hard on point 1, are now driving new traffic to their establishments. Customer loyalty has shifted. If the establishments show good customer service in tough times, these customers can be converted into repeat customers when prices return to normal.
  3. There is also a slow upswing towards luxury services or services that require someone to stay within a salon/ spa longer. For example – hair treatments, facials and 90-120 mins massages. Currently, focus of the customer is more towards essentials only.
  4. Between home services vs in-salon services, large number of services are still at salon. Customers are reluctant to let someone they don’t know into their homes.

There are also those who are releasing their pent-up energy towards shopping and do not particularly care what they buy i.e. luxury or not. Then, there are those who after spending months at home have a lot of “Ah haa” moments, when they suddenly realize that the room needs a lamp or a desk or a plant. This kind of shopping behavior will mutate soon.

However, if worst is truly behind us, we foresee the main 4 trends lasting until the end of the year. While things are looking good and will get better, we still advice you to tighten your belts and get ready to survive 2020. Best of luck!

Deepti Mohanty

Deepti Mohanty

Founder & CEO, Vaasara | Raised Two Rounds of Funding | Uni. of Cambridge,

Original article published on Linkedin