Tae Hea co-founded Storm Ventures, an early stage VC fund based in Silicon Valley. Storm has invested in nearly 200 B2B software companies leading to 11 unicorns, including Marketo, Talkdesk and Workato. At Storm, Tae Hea was the founding CEO of Airespace, a B2B startup, which was later sold to Cisco for $450m. Storm has been actively investing in Europe leading to 4 European unicorns: Algolia in France, Pipedrive in Estonia, Solarisbank in Germany and Talkdesk in Portugal.
An investor and growth specialist, he offers insights into why Storm Ventures invests in B2B startups and how they can help businesses unlock growth. In addition, he explains how their investment filters work in pre-revenue companies, depending on whether they will invest in a startup that has a promising team structure or one that already exhibits high traction. Learn more in this episode about how to identify the right startups to invest in and how to manage them to achieve revenue success.
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